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The sweet chirping of birds accompanying the glory of the morning sunrise making you smile. A beautiful sunset creating memories as souvenirs. Breakfast at six or at eleven. Life without a time table, without appointments and deadlines. Life as you would yearn for. A normal day in the life of guest at Orange Village.
Holidays ought to be in sharp contrast to everything you experience everyday. Its an escapade from the mundane, a million world away from concrete jungles and high tech lifestyles. What better way to enjoy your holidays than to head for a place where you feel the goodness of the earth, the vastness of the sky, the freshness of the mountain wind, and an experience of colours, sights and sounds that is the essence of the “joy of holidaying”.
Into this magical world of warm hospitality synonymous with the simple people that call Sikkim their home, “Orange Village Resort”, Sikkim’s premier and largest luxury resort welcomes you to the capital Gangtok, in its warm traditional manner, “namaste”.